Technology Overview


Because it would be tough to describe all of the technologies we have built, merged, and/or integrated for our solutions and services in just one page, here is a glimpse of two of the key technologies and technical principles merged behind our HLP3.0 solution. MGT has integrated our Enterprise Content Management System OnPoint Architecture (OA) with our Industry Specific Algorithms (ISA’s) to produce HLP3.0.

Our MGT HLP3.0 platform is a Consumer Convenience Oriented Portal that leverages our proprietary On-Point Architecture (OA) and Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS).

HLP3.0 empowers our Clients & Partners to manage a digitial display marketing platform within a controlled environment, allowing for Brand protection as well as verifiable targeted reach.

They are able to manage “critical to quality”, real time (or near real time) adjustments designed to maximize consumer engagement and return on investment for their digital marketing spend.

Our Industry Specific Algorithms (ISA) are proprietary and were developed in the mid 2000’s when Google first began to take off. They are a product of “on the ground” collaboration with local business owners as well as Google Ads account experts.

They are kept in our off-line hard drives and we do not allow anyone access to our “secret sauce”. The “Proof is in the Pudding” and our results are all verifiable through our Google Analytics “read access” which we give to all our clients.

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