Merging Global Technologies (MGT)

is a United States digital technology company. MGT has a specialized and unique relationship with Google. MGT does not act as an Aggregator, Ad agency, Ad Exchange, or an Adwords reseller.

MGT maintains its own Google Ads accounts to drive traffic to our proprietary HLP3.0 global platform. By utilizing our Industry Specific Algorithms (ISAs), we are able to ensure the integrity of the system and always follow the policies set forth by Google Ads.

HLP3.0, is the only exclusive display/search hybrid, digital marketing platform in the industry. This allows MGT to capitalize on not one (1), but three (3) unique & sustainable, competitive advantages.

MGT is committed, long-term, to bringing one of the most cost effective digital marketing & cloud computing companies to the global markets. MGT has expanded to 40 countries, with the ability to reach over an estimated 36.5 million potential unique visitors per year.

MGT Facts

*     Type

      Private Company

*     Industry

      Internet, Digital Marketing

*     Founded / Launched

      2009 / 2015

*     Key People

      Danny DeVall (Chairman & CEO)

      Rajiv Haheem (Tech)

*     Incorporation

      November 2, 2009

*     Headquarters

      602 Pemberton Ct

      Mount Juliet, TN  37122

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