Google is “hands down” proven…THE FIRST, BEST place to spend Digital Marketing Dollars $$$, followed by the other search engines. If you can’t agree with that statement, then we probably can’t help you.

And NOW, the SECOND BEST place to spend your Digital Marketing Dollars $$$ is….MGT’s HLP3.0.  We are a Certified Google Adwords Partner.

Perks for Local Businesses


MGT‘s global system of nationwide city/community websites concentrates on delivering “Industry Specific, Unique Visitors” to each industry vertical page inside the local site…effectively creating, AN ENHANCED LOCAL BUSINESS LISTING.

With the exception of National Placement Reservations, MGT verifies the zip code of the inquiring business so that only “Local Business Owners” may retain their requested local industry specific pages. The cost for Local Businesses wanting the “Admin Rights” to one of our “non-managed” pages is also predicated on population and is set to ensure a measurable ROI for those businesses, as well as giving them the flexibility to meet their online marketing budget needs.

MGT also offers the local businesses the option of taking advantage of MGT’s unique Google partnership where MGT, or our local affiliate, will utilize the Google Adwords platform accompanied with MGT’s ISA formula so that the company’s offerings will be viewed on the Google Search Results the moment that company’s consumers are looking for their offerings.

While most company’s charge a hefty fee for a lesser version of this added service ($350+ per month), MGT is able to drastically discount it’s price because of our ISAs. Feel free to check out any one of our local city/community websites. Don’t take our word for it…compare our rates with competitors.  We are confident that we are / will be the lowest price in the market.

Interested in a live demonstration?  Please EMAIL or call 615.216.4888 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM CST to schedule your demonstration.

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