Are You Ready To Be Your Own Boss?

Initial minimum $1,500.00 U.S. Our NON-refundable License Fee of a minimum of $3K is payable in two installments. Half now and half on the 1st day of the thirteenth month of business.

The License Fee is a calculation of 10% of the requested city’s current population. No cities under 30K in population are eligible by themselves, but you can combine two (2) adjacent cities to reach the minimum 30K population requirement.

Start your own local internet business with an MGT Market License. Sell digital marketing (residual income) to small businesses in your area with our easy-to-use, proven MGT-Local System. Set your own ad prices – keep 100% of the sales. Our turnkey platform is designed for anyone looking to own their own local, small business – no experience needed. Start making as much as $100K per year and up…skies the limit. Actual revenues will vary depending on demographics and personal attributes.

Owning an MGT Local Market License allows you to avoid the startup pitfalls many other business owners experience. Research shows that 50% of all new businesses fail within the first five years. This occurs because many business owners do not have the tools and knowledge necessary to create effective business models and, during the early years, too much time and money is wasted on unnecessary expenditures.

MGT has seen the untapped potential of the local search market. Through thinking ahead, ingenuity, and experienced business acumen, we have turned a small local business model into a now global company. You now have the opportunity to open your own local license, reap the rewards of an established business model…and, BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

Some Benefits of Owning a License

• All-in-one, “turn-key” operation with proven success

• Set up with YOUR success in mind

• Tested and tailored business plans for your local market

• Ongoing training and support systems

• Cutting-edge technology and advanced analytics

• The Only Exclusive, Google Adwords supplemental platform

• Certified Google Partner status

• Greater ROI & 100% Google Analytics “Read Access”

Other Advantages Include:

• Our systems allow you to be efficient and effective

• You have access to exclusive technology

• You have access to our personnel (IT & Sales)

• You have freedom to make local decisions about your business

• Your market/territory(s) are exclusive

• You make your own hours and can enjoy nights and weekends

• The fees are modest and were made for you to be successful

For more information and to receive a full client information package, feel free to contact us by clicking the following link:

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